Biohack your menstrual cycle!

Tune into your entire month and empower yourself to live in sync with it.

Your hormones change over the course of your ‘month’. This means that your moods and social side will vary, you need different nutrients and your energy levels will change. Seem like a scary, complicated and unfair trick?

Before we go down the path of “it sucks to be a woman”, let’s think again.

Your hormonal flow means you can excel at different things during different times of the month. If you understand and embrace it, you could actually make your life more productive and way more fun.

What if you could hack your menstrual cycle and have a healthier and happier life?

Is Cycle Hacker what you are looking for?

Cycle Hacker is a 3-month, email-based program.

3 months because it takes that long to see your own cycle patterns. I want you to get enough practice so you can eventually do this on your own.

Email-based because you are busy person and you need to do this on your own time.

I’m only an email away when you have questions. And you’ll likely have some. Save yourself wading through all the information on the internet. Let me do that. I’ll also be there to (figuratively) hold your hand or kick you in the pants, depending on what you need.


You will learn how to track your cycle. It’s really simple and takes less than 5 minutes per day. Really. I'm not kidding. That’s it.

You will learn about all the parts of your cycle (not just your period) and how to support yourself through every stage with good food, self-care and appropriate exercise.


I will help you interpret your tracking charts so you will understand your own cycle better. You can use this new-found knowledge to make your life healthier and happier.

You will learn to recognize when something may be off, and if, when, and who to get extra help from. And you can go to see your health care provider with confidence, knowing that you know your body well.


The ease is all you. When you understand your body better (education) you will feel more in control of your health (empowerment). And even if your ‘girl problems’ are tough to deal with, you will feel like you are playing a role in your health instead of standing on the sidelines confused about the rules of the game.

Your Investment in Cycle Hacker:

$159 CAD for the 3-month program.

Want in? Here’s what you do next:

Click below to pay. I will email you a short questionnaire so I can get to know you better. All instructions and information will come to you via email after that. (So make sure I’m in your contacts list so it doesn’t go to your junk email folder.)

By purchasing this program, you agreed to the Terms and Conditions