A better partnership with your hormones!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are currently using hormonal birth control and you are so over it. You are looking for some non-hormonal options.
  • You are depressed or moody or anxious or irritable (or all of the above) and you are convinced it's tied to your cycle but you aren't sure.
  • You don't want another prescription. You want to get to the root cause of your period or PMS problems.
  • Your periods are irregular and you would love to know how to predict and plan for the next one.
  • You are trying to get pregnant and wondering when you are fertile so you can increase your chances.
  • You started hormonal birth control so you wouldn't get pregnant and now you don't want to have sex. What gives?


You could feel more positive about your body and your health.

You can be more in tune with the changes in your body so you can be proactive about managing, reducing or alleviating the symptoms you are experiencing. You can start to sync up other parts of your life with your cycle, like exercise or food choices.

You will understand what happens as you get older and be less afraid of your future ‘self’.

You will learn the fertility signs that your body gives you and how to use them to achieve or avoid getting pregnant.

Gotcha covered.

Does learning how to track your cycle sound complicated and time-consuming? It’s not. We keep it simple and takes less than 5 minutes per day. Really. I'm not kidding. That’s it. You can choose to use a paper chart or the FEMM app to track, whichever works best for you. 

I will help you interpret your tracking charts so you will understand your own cycle better. You can use this new-found knowledge to make your life healthier and happier.

You will learn to recognize when something may be off, and when to ask for help. And you can go to see your health care provider with confidence, knowing that you know your body well.

Thinking about babies and planning when to have or not have one? Knowing when you are fertile is pretty important, and you will learn that too!

Understanding your cycle is incredibly empowering. Even if your ‘girl problems’ are tough to deal with, you will feel like you are playing a role in your health instead of standing on the sidelines confused about the rules of the game.

WHAT Is FEMM and this fertility awareness thing?

FEMM is an acronym for Fertility Education and Medical Management. It is a comprehensive women’s health program. It is more than fertility awareness though; FEMM teaches you how to monitor your health. 

What is FEMM?

For starters, Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FAMs or FABMs) and the Rhythm Method (also called the Calendar Method) are NOT the same thing.

The Rhythm Method estimates the time of ovulation based on previous cycles. It uses an average. Umm, but what if this month you are way off from average? This is not what FEMM is.

FAMs, like FEMM, are based in science (over 50 years of it!) and use ‘biomarkers’: signals your body give you that you are fertile. The added bonus is that while you may be using FEMM to avoid or to try to get pregnant, it also tells you about your overall health. Ovulation is an indicator of your overall health. Not ovulating? It's important to know why.

A FEMM class may seem like a trip back to highschool health class at first. However, instead of memorizing graphs and definitions for a quiz, you will learn how to apply this information to your own health and well-being (including your desire to get or not get pregnant). I think of it as a life skill that wasn’t taught to us in school.

Your Time and Monetary Investment:

The FEMM Intro Class: This is a 30-minute FREE class so you can decide if the FEMM course is right for you. This class is NOT required to sign up for the FEMM course. We will cover some of the same material in the course so don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Intro Class or already know you want to take the course.

The FEMM course consists of 3 classes, each about 1 hour long.
FEMM 1: FEMM and Your Health
FEMM 2: FEMM Expert
FEMM 3: Family Planning
You can take 1, 2 or all 3 of the classes depending on your goals. However, each class feeds into the next. You cannot take class 2 if you have not taken class 1, and you cannot take class 3 if you have not taken class 1 and 2. Well, you could try but the material may not make much sense.

Each class costs $30 CAD per person or per couple. Yep, bring your partner if you like. (We recommend it!)

Here is a detailed outline of each class: FEMM Classes

The classes are spaced out enough so you have time to practice tracking. You aren’t alone during this time. The course cost includes support to answer any questions you may have. There is an Eat Stretch Play FEMM Facebook group where you can ask questions (because chances are, you are not the only person with that question). If you have a private question, you can contact me by email.

Want in? Here’s what to do next:

All of our classes are currently underway but if you want to set up a private class or have any questions, please contact Cindy here.

Have a group of friends who want to take the course? Contact Cindy to set up your own course.

cinders xo