Is Food Messing with Your Hormone Balance?

The 5-week program to figure it out.

Have you always wondered if your runny nose, your bloating, your aches and pains might be related to something you eat? Have you suspected that you might be sensitive to some food and cut it out of your diet only to start craving it? But then were concerned about adding it back in?

You looked into doing food allergy testing but it seemed expensive and you weren’t exactly looking forward to being poked with needles. Or maybe you did the testing but still feel like you are missing something.

Food Sense is a great way to not only determine if you have some food sensitivities but a great way to get your diet back on a healthy track.


I want to make it easier for you, Here’s what you get:

  • A set of instructions on how the program works. I want you to learn as much as possible but not be overwhelmed. There’s a food chart of what foods to include and what to exclude for the days when following a menu plan doesn’t work for you.
  • Menu Plan for each day of Food Sense that includes:
    • A weekly shopping list.
    • A menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. No portion control here, just some food restrictions. You may even have some leftovers that can be easily popped into your freezer.
    • Simple recipes that are easy and quick to prepare. No gourmet chef training required!
    • You will receive a new menu plan at the beginning of each week to make it convenient for you to shop.
  • Me. I’m only an email away with any questions or concerns you may have. I will be checking in with you throughout the program to make sure you are staying on track. I will help you incorporate the new knowledge you have about yourself into your healthy, happy life.

You can do Food Sense on your own schedule. This is a personal one-on-one program. When you sign up, you will pick a start date. Take a close look at your calendar and try to find 6 weeks in a row where you will be able to stick to the Food Sense meal plan. If your sister’s wedding falls in the middle of this time, it’s not a good time. If there’s a potluck dinner but you think you can make it through one party without drinking and being conscious of what foods you choose, that can work. I can give you some pointers on how to navigate this and stay on track.

Please choose a start date that is at least one week away from today to give you time to read the instructions, get yourself prepared and ask me any questions before you dive in.

Choosing your start date may be difficult, but once you do, you will be taking an amazing step towards your own health and happiness.

You can do this!!

This program will be starting soon. Please send me a message if you are interested.