Setting a Solid Foundation:

The one-week, check-in of your food and wellness choices.

Like all good plans, it is best to start with a solid foundation. My dad built houses. I learned that setting a solid foundation (usually it’s a concrete pad or basement) means that the house is easier to build and will stay standing longer. Once you have that solid foundation, you build up from there.

It is the same with developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits. You can build a solid health foundation and then tweak it depending on your body type and goals, and as you change with age, but the foundation is always there. This is the goal of Health Base.

So what is Health Base and is it difficult to implement?

Health Base is not a fad diet. It is about eating and lifestyle habits to keep you healthy and happy. It is developing habits that you are able to keep for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is best if we keep it simple. I’m not going to ask you to count calories or points or fat grams in your diet.

I want you to pay attention and take responsibility. I want you to focus on you, because you and your health are worth it. You will feel a stronger sense of empowerment and accomplishment if you are playing a role in the process and I am not telling you exactly what to do every single step of the way. This week is YOUR week and time for you to tune into you. The first step in making changes is to become aware, aware of information you may not know and aware of your own body and habits. You may be implementing some of the things in the program already and that’s great! Pat yourself on the back. I’ll pat you on the back, as I will be there to guide and help you.

Health Base is a one-week, email-based program.

While it's an intense week, most participants report that it usually doesn't take them more than 45 minutes per day and it's usually less than that to complete the work. And if you need more time, that's the great thing about email, it'll be there waiting for you when you are ready.

I’m only an email away when you have questions. And you’ll likely have some. Save yourself wading through all the information on the internet. Let me do that. I’ll also be there to (figuratively) hold your hand or kick you in the pants, depending on what you need.


You'll learn how to keep your eating and lifestyle habits simple and healthy. You'll keep track of these things in a daily journal. Don't worry, it's a lot of fill-in-blanks and checkboxes. You will send me this at the end of the program and I will make some recommendations if necessary.


The simple act of keeping track will make you more aware. Plus you have my support if you have questions or are confused. You will finish the week with a better idea of what you are doing well and where you can make improvements, with a little help from me!


I believe in keeping it simple. And my goal is to make it easy for you to set up a healthy foundation.

How much does the program cost?

$59 per person. Yep, that's it.

Are you in?

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