The Philosophy of Eat Stretch Play Programs:

Education. Empowerment. Ease.

No magic pills.  No quick fixes.   They don’t usually work long term.

Simple, practical habits that you can make part of your life.

By providing you with practical nutrition and lifestyle education, I hope to empower you to embrace a life filled with ease.  And maybe have a little fun along the way! Better yet, I want you to learn and understand enough that you don't need me to keep telling you what to do. I want you to be empowered. 

Why would you pay for a program when you can find so much health and wellness information on the internet and in books?

I’ve asked myself that question a lot.

Achievable and Accountable. That’s why.

Achievable: Simple and practical advice without the overwhelm. Baby steps. Rome was not created in a day and your healthy lifestyle won’t be either. I keep things simple and doable without a lot of fluff. If you do feel overwhelmed, we slow down.

Accountable: There are oodles of webinars and online courses out there. Have you ever signed up for one and not finished it? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start so you often didn’t. All of Eat Stretch Play’s programs get me, Cindy, to answer your questions, but also to nag you a little to keep you on track. If you’re not, we work out a way for you to change your pace or adjust things to fit your lifestyle. And when I nag you, I promise to be gentle. Maybe :)

It shouldn’t be complicated.